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Hello! I'm Melanie Chisnall, a writer, life coach, and self-care advocate. I help introverts, empaths and creatives like you embrace your uniqueness, find what lights you up, and create a life that’s more fulfilling, inspiring, and sustainable.

I really do get the struggle

As an empath and creative, I know what it's like to feel like you don't fit in or that soul is begging for more. I'm here to help you get out of your head, own what makes you special, and create a life that feels meaningful and exciting to you.

"Mel helped me believe in myself and gave me the support I needed to follow my dreams and to do what really makes me happy. She helped me find my true passion in life, which has led me to make a career change – something I was always too scared to do."

Julia Robinson

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The Positive Boost

1-hour power coaching session

This 60-minute 1:1 Life Coaching intensive is designed to help you get out of your head and take speedy action on one BIG goal or important area in your life that's keeping you stuck.

There will never be a perfect time

Whether you're looking to create better work-life balance, a personal road map & actionable strategies for achieving a big goal, or a jam-packed, empowering session to boost your confidence and take that NEXT step, you've come to the right place!

Sometimes we don't need a long transformation. Sometimes the thing that's holding us back isn't as complicated as we think and all it takes is an outside perspective, some gentle nudging in the right direction and a few tips, tools and systems to make a change (and keep the momentum going!)

Is this power session for you?

This session is a 60-minute intensive. We'll dive into one specific area that you want to improve on and come out with a fresh, solid plan of action. Between the two of us, we'll work through as much as we can in that hour.

This is perfect if you want an immediate change, need specific guidance on a problem you've been struggling with, or would really benefit from a step-by-step system to help you stop overthinking and finally take action.

How each session works

Your session will take place over Zoom (don't worry, we can do audio-only if you're camera shy!) Before our call, I'll email you a couple of pre-coaching questions to help me structure the session so that you'll get as much value and actionable takeaways as we can possibly cram into an hour.

This is your opportunity to tell me exactly what you're stuck with and where you need the most guidance.

Also included:

Investment: R1750 once-off

"I'm a multi-passionate creative and I have many interests and things I want to do in my life - to the point where I feel so overwhelmed that I end up "procrastinating" on the wrong tasks and not making any real progress. Working with Mel has helped me put things into perspective. I feel so much lighter and clearer on what it is I want to achieve.

I did "The Positive Boost" session and it truly lives up to its name. I loved all the ideas Mel presented in the session and I felt like she could read my mind. She shared honest feedback with me, things I needed to hear, and it was conveyed in a very constructive and respectful manner, and I'll always be appreciative of it.

After the session I felt fired up and ready to get cracking with my plans. The workbook Mel sent me is beautifully designed and tailored to my needs and I felt so special going through it. Seeing all the important points and action items we discussed in our session mapped out in the workbook solidified everything for me and it is a nice reference to go through whenever I need that positive boost again."
Raylene Harvey
Designer & Multipassionate Creative

Ready to get moving?

There's no time like the present.

Excited to book your session? Me too! Fill in the form below and I'll be in touch asap (1-3 business days) to confirm your preferred day & time with all the details. Let's do this!

All Rights Reserved | 2020 © Melanie Chisnall