5 Inspiring Content Creation Tools For Small Business Owners

by Melanie Chisnall
5 Inspiring Content Creation Tools For Small Business Owners

Be honest, how are you really feeling about creating and sharing content for your brand or small business right now? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Demotivated?

I get it. Content creation these days can feel like one big, complicated schlep. Urrg. Especially when you’re already crazy strapped for time. But, I promise it doesn’t have to be this gigantic headache. Actually, it can be a lot of fun.

Get Inspired To Share Content (Again)

You already know that having a blog and social media presence for your brand is crucial in today’s digital world, but what if you’re just not ‘feeling’ it?

I understand what it’s like to feel stuck when it comes to creating content. I mean, just thinking about it is exhausting. Plus, it all looks so complicated, doesn’t it? And oh my word… how saturated is the digital space right now? Talk about reasons to procrastinate and feel uninspired.


I used to spend hours comparing what I was doing with other creatives and entrepreneurs. And what a waste of time that was. Instead of feeling inspired and motivated, I felt “meh.”

Stuck, demotivated.

It’s so easy to focus on this time-and energy-sucking comparison game. Or to feel like we’re not good/smart/creative enough to put content out there.

I’ve done a total 180 when it comes to sharing content these days. And a LOT of it has to do with wanting to be as real online as I am in person.

I spent so much of my career following the crowd and wearing all the masks in order to “fit in” or do what seemed popular at the time. It was exhausting. I’ve come to realise that when things aren’t flowing and feel more forced than usual, it’s a sign to take a step back, take a break and find my creative energy again.


As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you’ve chosen to do what you’re doing out of a love for it, a passion, a deep motivation. Your audience wants YOU. Remember that. So what if a bunch of other people are doing something similar? (I’m talking you who thinks everything out there is over-saturated!) There is only ONE you with your voice, your thoughts, your way of doing things.

So own it, embrace it, roll with it. 

That right there is what’s been driving me again. I’ve heard it for years, but it’s only resonated with me recently. Beyond this mindset shift, there are a couple of really amazing digital tools that help inspire me to share more authentic content.

5 Easy, Inspring Content Creation Tools


I absolutely LOVE Trello – what a game changer it’s been for me to get properly organised again. And the best thing? It’s completely FREE.

You can customise the background, move cards around, check items off (YAY for us A-type personalities!), and basically plan out your entire life. I’m talking business projects, content ideas, personal admin reminders… literally everything. I can’t say enough good things about it, so go check it out!


I’m a little obsessed with Canva. Since opening their digital doors in 2012, I haven’t found a single digital tool that’s more user-friendly and fun to use. You can create the most gorgeous-looking images for your blog or social media posts in no time – no design experience needed!

There are a bunch of ready-made templates (hooray!), free photos you can pop in, and really cool text and image elements to get creative with. There’s a free or premium option to choose from and both are fantastic.


I’m just going to say it – most stock images are gross. You know, the ones that look incredibly poised and pretentious? Urg. No one wants that anymore. You can find AMAZING images on Unsplash – and they’re free!

I’m talking high-quality, lifestyle, emotive, business-focused, flatlays, mock ups… literally anything you can imagine. Highly recommend. Browsing the latest images is one of my favourite ways to get into a creative space before jumping into the day.


Okay, word of warning – this site is a big black creative hole that will suck you in for HOURS if you let it. Really, I’ve got lost on Creative Market more times than I can count. So preferably save this for later in the day when you’ve done all the busy things! You can get amazing fonts, images, social media templates and bundles.

Every Monday they have 6 free goodies available to download, which is so nice of them! I also like to buy from the talented people who sell their work on this site from time to time – in this industry, I find it’s good to support fellow creatives wherever possible. Trust me, there’s a ton of great stuff to choose from.


Final inspiring tool! When it comes to creating content, a lot of it is visual and goes beyond words. If you’re not a natural born designer like me, this can be a little intimidating to say the least. I found this Color Wheel site just before I refreshed my brand and it’s been such a time saver… What a handy tool!

In just a few clicks you can find monochromatic and complimentary colours that work together like a dream. This is great for creating consistency in your brand, on your website and even in your social media posts. Take a peek, it’s fun!

I hope this post helps to reignite your creative energy and inspiration when it comes to creating or sharing content for your business or brand!

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