by Melanie Chisnall

Hello and welcome! I’m Melanie Chisnall, a writer and creative with a passion for well-being (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual). I’m also an advocate for mental health and wellness at work.

What you’ll find here? My honest opinions and insights on mental health, personal growth, and any other topics that interest me or pull at my heartstrings.

A bit more about me

I used to have grand ambitions about creating and achieving as much as possible. Now, after a few life lessons (hello, pandemic) and a ton of inner work, I’ve realised I’m happiest when my main aspirations are trying to be a better human being, and living a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Some fun facts

  • I’m originally from Namibia
  • I can’t say no to lemon meringue pie. Ever.
  • One day I’d love to visit New York again
  • Give me heart-to-heart conversations over surface-level chats any day
  • I’m an HSP and empath

When I’m not writing or introverting at home, you’ll probably find me hiking a mountain or enjoying a day out exploring.

Let’s keep the conversation going

I love writing posts that inspire action or feel encouraging so if you need some of that, pour a cup and head over to my blog. Or, come say hi on Instagram – I get real about my fitness journey and share thoughts on holistic well-being. On LinkedIn? Let’s connect. I mostly post insights and opinions on workplace wellness and mental health.