by Melanie Chisnall

26 week challenge
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Writer and Well-Being Advocate
26 week challenge

Hi! I’m Melanie Chisnall, a freelance writer with a passion for personal development and well-being (mental, emotional, and physical). I’m also a huge advocate for mental health and workplace wellness.

What you’ll find here…

Thoughts and ideas on creating everyday harmony in very uncertain times. Right now, I’m navigating my own journey towards better well-being (#27WeekChallenge). I’ll be sharing my progress, as well as writing about mental health, personal development, and other topics that intrigue me.

A bit more about me

I used to have grand ambitions about creating and achieving as much as possible. Now, after a few life lessons (hello, pandemic) and a ton of inner work, I’ve realised I’m happiest when my main aspirations are trying to be a better human being, and living a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

A few fun facts

  • I’m originally from Namibia
  • I can’t say no to carrot cake
  • One day I’d love to visit New York again
  • Give me heart-to-heart conversations over surface-level chats any day
  • I’m an HSP and empath

When I’m not writing or introverting at home, you’ll probably find me hiking a mountain or enjoying a day out exploring.

Want to connect? I spend my time on Twitter or LinkedIn these days – come say hi! Otherwise, why not grab a cuppa and head over to my blog for a dose of real talk and practical inspiration.