Melanie Chisnall

Hi, I’m Melanie; heart-focused human, authenticity advocate, truth seeker, intuitive writer & coach.

I’m a life coach with a passion for helping people understand themselves better, live with more energy and authenticity, cultivate healthy ways to restore their well-being, and create more inner freedom.

Before my shift into life coaching, I spent 11 years in digital marketing as a copywriter and content creator – and before that I worked in various professions within IT, retail and recruitment. I love personal development and I’ve spent the last 12 years diving deep into positive psychology, mindfulness and intentional living (in the last few years I’ve added  spirituality, consciousness and energy into the mix). The learning never ends!

I’m originally from Namibia and based in the Western Cape, South Africa with my husband and our furchild, Freya. I’m a nature lover, old soul, book and research enthusiast, and gentle rebel. Today, I’m guided by my values, inner compass and heart. (A far cry from the anxious people-pleaser, approval seeker and highly reactive person I used to be). 

My idea of soul food is hiking, catching a sunrise, having deep conversations, dancing, and being around high-vibration people and animals.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are.”
Carl Jung