The Creative Switch

Six years ago I made the move to become a writer, after a decade-long career in administrative roles. 

I started out blogging as way to grow my skills and started freelancing shortly thereafter. 
Since then, I’ve worked in marketing in various challenging and rewarding roles as a digital copywriter and content creator

I absolutely love creating content for brands and telling stories with impact through images and words. 
Brainstorming content ideas, planning them out through digital marketing, and seeing them come to life is extremely rewarding as a creative. 

Listen to how I switched careers from admin to creative…

Mini Creative Portfolio

Writing content, whether it’s blogging or social media copy, comes naturally to me, because I’m able to tell stories that connect with an audience and either evoke some kind of emotion or inspire action. Besides content writing, I enjoy developing monthly themes for content (I do this for my blog,, and creating content upgrades (like mini courses, free workbooks, etc.) as a means of building and growing an engaged community. 

When I’m not brainstorming content ideas or writing, I really enjoy trying my hand at designing images (Pinterest graphics) and printable planners for fun.
Because, when you’re a creative, there is literally no such thing as a “box!” 



Creative Career Highlights

    • All4Women: At the start of my creative career, I won a competition to intern for this large women’s online magazine. I was offered a paid contributing writing position three months later and I ended up writing for the magazine for two and a half years.
  • G-Studio Branding Agency: Shortly after I started freelancing, I joined G-Studio as a temporary copywriter. This was massive experience as I worked on various client projects and learned so much about the advertising industry.
  • Vital Health Foods: As the digital copywriter in the marketing team, I also oversaw writing interns and freelancers, trained the content team on SEO, and managed the content for three Facebook pages.
Lumen Digital Marketing: I created a yearly content plan for a South African public figure.

Imagine You. Through building and growing my personal blog over the last year, I’ve improved my digital skills in many areas, including: email list building, social media copywriting, content planning and scheduling, graphic design, creating digital products, and branding. This has been one of my biggest achievements to date, because blogging has a way of challenging you and connecting you with so many amazing opportunities.

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