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My Story

The Basics
I grew up in Namibia and moved to South Africa when I was 13 years old. After school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life so I tried a bunch of admin jobs. I worked in recruitment and HR, which is probably why I’m so vocal about work-life balance – to the point of debating it on Twitter. Six years ago, I felt a calling to pursue my creative passion and I’ve been writing and creating content ever since.

Things That Matter
I’m an INFJ, which means I think (a lot!) and feel a lot. I’m able to empathise with people’s situations very quickly, pick up emotions and moods faster than other people, and connect to my audience on a deeper level. For me, purpose matters. Positivity matters. Mindset matters. Connection, authenticity and living life to the fullest matters.

Between Creating
When I’m not writing or creating, I’m probably outdoors…

I’m addicted to being in nature, whether that’s jogging or hiking trails, visiting nearby wine farms, or simply strolling through a park. I try and live a healthy lifestyle as far as possible by eating mostly plant-based foods and limiting stress.

I’m a travel dreamer by heart and the thought of visiting Europe or NYC is a huge motivator for me when it comes to working. I’ve been blessed to have visited New York and California a few years ago, and it’s pretty much cemented the travel bug in me!

I live with my trail-running husband and our super-spoiled cat, Jinx in Cape Town, South Africa..