Need Content That Stands Out and Inspires Action?

Writing is my passion.

And being intuitive is my secret weapon.

Because, as any great copywriter knows, knowing the psychology behind your audience is they key to writing content that converts.

My writing is engaging – but more than that, it 'speaks' to people and connects them to the main message or the brand through easy-to-digest, tailored content (no pretentious, fluffy nonsense!)

Whether you're a small business or entrepreneur, my content can help your brand stand out, boost your online exposure, and attract new audiences.

I'm Melanie, a tea-loving ambitious creative and freelance copywriter.

Hire me for your social media or online content marketing and copywriting.

I'd love to help!

How Can I Help You?

Who I am

I'm a qualified digital copywriter (Red & Yellow School of Advertising) with 6 years experience working in marketing, ecommerce and freelancing. I craft easy-to-digest pieces of content that engage and inspire action.

What I do

Social media copywriting – I craft tailored snippets of content to improve brand awareness

Online writing – I create comprehensive, SEO-friendly digital content for website pages

Blog writing – I write engaging, share-worthy blog posts that 'speak' to readers and connect them to your brand

Social media coordinating
– I help you schedule posts, so you have more time to focus on running your business

How I do it

I use my intuitive and writing skills, expertise and personal experience in digital marketing to create quality content that inspires action, engages audiences and connects brand messages.

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