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What I Do For Work

Copywriting | Social Media | Content Strategy 


Digital Copywriting, Red & Yellow School of Advertising

My Story

I’m a creative thinker with over 6 years’ copywriting and content development experience working in marketing. I’ve worked for big brand companies and start-ups to create content that engages and is shared with targeted audiences.   

I left my full-time job as a content producer to spend some time upskilling in other areas related to writing. Since then, I’ve added email marketing, basic graphic design, social media marketing and website building to my portfolio. That personal development journey has led me to my most recent experience as a freelance copywriter where I’m able to really use these skills and do my best work. 

What I learned in this period, is that as much as I thrive as a writer, I do my best work when I merge my creative skills with projects I love and believe in. I’m continuously inspired by brands and organisations that are on a mission to better the lives of people and communities.

My job as a copywriter and content strategist is to help potential customers or fans connect to what they’re reading. Content is about so much more than throwing words onto a screen; it’s about blending creativity, writing, editing and strategic skills to make sure the right message goes the distance. There’s a psychology behind content marketing and that’s also really exciting, because the digital landscape is constantly moving.

What I Do For Fun

I enjoy the creature comforts of being at home and relaxing, visiting a cute coffee shop, or listening to a podcast while I’m on-the-go. Otherwise, when adventure calls – my husband and I head to the mountains to soak up a bit of nature. I love to learn and inspire people – my blog is a great side passion project where I get to do both. I’m a huge animal lover and will always choose a paperback book over a digital version. 

Melanie is absolutely wonderful to work with. She is full of ideas and thoughts on what and how to write and is extremely open to feedback and learning. Melanie works well on her own and in a team, and she's passionate about all-round wellness, social media and blogging. I highly recommend Melanie for employment, and would gladly work with her again.
Taryn Whittles
Content Manager / Strategist / Linguistic Specialist
Melanie is positive, meticulous, reliable and able to work independently with very little management. Her excellent language skills and her understanding of our target market has enabled her to produce excellent work for us.

She formed an integral part of the marketing team and her insights were valued.
Wayne Allen
Social Entrepreneur

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